PowerHour with Stuart Bruce

Why not book a PowerHour with me? You receive an hour of live one-to-one support to help you with your professional challenges.

Use your PowerHour to discuss an urgent or challenging issue, brainstorm ideas, prepare for a meeting with the board, or simply have a private and confidential conversation where you can receive expert advice and counsel.

Sometimes, we all need a little help. I’m here for you.

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How can PowerHour with Stuart Bruce help?

You can use your PowerHour to discuss whatever you want. We can even tackle multiple issues or challenges. These are just some of things I can help you with in your PowerHour call.

  • Strategy – Do you need help creating or updating your public relations or communications strategy?
  • Career – How do you get on and get ahead? What continuous professional development works best for you?
  • Sounding Board – Do you already have ideas, but just need to refine them and help to convince superiors and colleagues of their merit.
  • Brainstorming – Do you need help with ideas for project or challenge? Let’s tackle them together.
  • Technology – Do you need a quick update or refresher on the latest technology and how to use it for PR and communications?
  • Measurement – Are you being asked to prove your value and challenged by the thorny problem of measurement and evaluation?
  • Crisis – If you have a tricky issue or are facing a crisis then book a call to (note the default PowerHour requires one day’s notice, but if you email or message me then I can often do it immediately).

Who can use the PowerHour?

  • CEOs and C-Suite – You’re an expert leader and know your field of expertise inside out, but need some expert advice on reputation and communications.
  • Solo operators – If you’re the only PR, communications or marketing person (or lead a small team) and need some wise advice or a sounding board to help, so you can then get on with your job with less worry and stress.
  • Heads of communications – If you’re in a large company and organisation and lead a large team you often need an independent source of advice to provide a trusted, private and confidential sounding board. Imposer syndrome is real, a PowerHour call helps reassure you that you’re on top of your game.
  • PR agency leaders – Your team and clients look to you for answers, but sometimes you need a discrete sounding board to discuss challenges and ideas, so you always look on top of your game.
  • You – Maybe you’re none of those people and just work in PR or communications and need some confidential advice.
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